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OK, so several months ago we were trying to figure out where to go for our major trip of the year.  The Seattle/Vancouver area was a strong contender, as was (of all places) Eastern Europe.  Nothing had really grabbed us until Patti discovered a Scotland based website called Secret Scotland.  We checked it out and it seemed pretty cool.  They have preplanned self-driving trips of varying length with turn-by-turn directions, side-trips, multiple day-trips from various destinations and even rainy day recommendations.  They had good reviews on Trip Advisor and were cheap, so we gave it a shot.

We bought the most flexible option (found here) along with their listing of recommended accommodations at each location. The whole package was less than $35.  It rocks!  They sent 2 PDF files, one for the tour & one for the accommodations, each with active links to B&B’s and tourist attractions.  We have exchanged several emails with them and they couldn’t be more helpful.

So.  We’re going to Scotland in June.  3 nights each in Edinburgh, Inverness, the Isle of Skye and Oban, then a final night in Edinburgh.

Whisky.  Mountains.  Lochs.  More Whisky.  Ruins.  Castles.  However, no kilts.  Unless Whisky is involved.

A few words about the current image in the header. It is a shot of the Fells Point region of Baltimore, shot during a Christmas visit. Fells Point is an extremely historical area, both for the city and in our personal lives. Clipper ships were constructed here, seamen and watermen (and there’s a difference) drank here and all too often were shanghaied off to a seasons (or a few years) work on the water.  I have no idea of the actual number of watering holes located within a few blocks, but if you can’t find a drink down there you’re not trying.

I worked out of Fells Point in the late 70′s and had a blast.  My friends & I drank heavily there, met people, tried to stay out of too much trouble and generally acted like fools on the brick streets and in the tiny bars. So it was with a great sense of nostalgia that Patti & I, along with our dearest friend, spent a Saturday night enjoying some live music and adult beverages.  After too much of the latter I took that shot with my P&S by using the roof of a car as a tripod.

OK, so we’re joining the masses and starting a Blog.   We plan on posting photo’s and updates of our travels, including some real-time stuff when the technology is available.  Most, if not all, of the readers of this will be friends & family, but strangers are always welcome.  If you see anything interesting, let us know in the comments.