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Since things are changing so rapidly with respect to the craziness that we are all experiencing we decided that, rather than moving every week, we would find a nice place to stay for the summer. We succeeded. We are on the water in coastal Oregon until September. By on the water I mean that we can watch the tide come in and out from the front seat of the RV. It’s pretty awesome. It’s also very beautiful. This is a target rich environment for photography and we’re back to saying “Wow!” quite a bit when we drive around a corner or hike to a viewpoint. A tiny bit of normalcy in these bizarre times.

That being said, here’s a bunch of photos, probably the most I’ve ever shoved up here at one time. It’s getting hard to pick the shots to post, there are just so many to choose from. Finally, a problem I don’t mind dealing with.

Stay safe, y’all.

Let’s start with some photos that I took within walking distance of the RV

‘Murica! Garibaldi, OR 6/27/20

The tourist train. Departs at least 3 times daily. Garibaldi, OR. 7/19/20

Pucker factor = moderate. Garibaldi, OR 7/13/20

Clamming at low tide. Garibaldi, OR 7/8/20

Shot with iPhone 11, handheld. Garibaldi, OR. 7/4/20

Shot with iPhone 11, steadied on a wall. Not bad. Garibaldi, OR. 7/4/20

Cape Meares

Short Beach, near Cape Meares, OR 7/8/20

Tidal Pool at Short Beach, near Cape Meares, OR 7/8/20

Short Beach, near Cape Meares, OR 7/8/20

Lighthouse at Cape Meares, OR 7/8/20

Cape Meares, OR 7/8/20

Cape Lookout

Cape Lookout, OR 7/15/20

Cape Lookout, OR 7/15/20

Cape Lookout, OR 7/15/20

Cape Lookout, OR 7/15/20

Cape Lookout, OR 7/15/20

Various Others

She turned me into a newt! A Rough-Skinned Newt to be precise. Near Garibaldi, OR 7/14/20

Dungeness crab. People are pulling these out of the water like crazy. These were gifted by neighbors. Different from our beloved blue crabs, but completely acceptable! Garibaldi, OR 7/4/20

Rockaway Beach, OR 7/6/20


Before we left the area, we made another trip up to Mt. St. Helens and took a couple of nice walks. It felt great to be out again, seeing sites and taking photos. There are lots of great hiking trails and photo-ops. It was good for our morale to be back in the woods again.

We finished up our quick visit to Washington with a short hop to a nice rv park on the Columbia River. We had a pull-in site that allowed us to sit in our front seats and watch the traffic on the river floating by. It was a bit jarring to see large, open-going vessels gliding by so far inland but we quickly got used to it. My neighbor turned me on to an app called Vessel Finder that I found to be pretty cool. I was able to identify the boats I was looking at or see when a big boy was going to come by easily on my phone for free. Fun. After a week or so I was actually recognizing the specific tugs shoving barges up and down the Columbia.

Southwest Washington is a beautiful part of the country. When some semblance of sanity and safety have returned to the world we will be back to more fully explore this region.

Coldwater Lake, WA. 6/14/20

Spring in Washington. 6/14/20

Hummocks created by the volcano. 6/14/20

Cedar Creek Grist Mill & Covered Bridge 6/19/20

Cedar Creek Grist Mill 6/19/20

Party at the river on a random weekday. 6/24/20

Watching the traffic go by. 6/17/20

Looking for a meal. 6/17/20