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OK, so we’re in the Orlando Airport the other morning waiting on a flight to Baltimore (more on that in a later post). Patti heads off to find us some breakfast and when she comes back she tells me that she saw a lamb in the concourse. Actually, she heard it first amidst the din of a modern airport: “baaaaa…”. (do you put quotes around an animal’s sound?) She saw a guy with a lamb in his arms.


I, of course, head up there with my camera and, sure enough there are not one, but two guys, each with what turned out to be baby goats. Before I took a couple of quick shots I asked him the obvious question. Scroll to the bottom to see the only reply I could get out of him.

4/28/11, Orlando International Airport

4/28/11, Orlando International Airport

He told me that “It’s Bring Your Kids To Work Day”.