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We have been posting about our wanderings in a chronological order, until now. This post is a bit different. We are in San Diego, our final destination for the year and where we will remain until late January. We’ll spend this time relaxing, visiting with friends and family, and getting some much needed repairs to Sybil. We thought we’d take this opportunity to look back at our journey thus far.

Since we pulled out of our home county back in April, we have:

  • Spent 230 days on the road,
  • Put 6,196 miles on the RV,
  • Made 42 separate moves,
  • Spent the night in 14 states,
  • Visited 8 national parks and many national memorials, recreation areas, forests and conservation areas,
  • Took 2 unplanned and 1 planned flights (ya gotta love the expense of buying a plane ticket two days prior to departure),
  • Visited 1 emergency room (here’s a solid recommendation for the Sheridan, Wyoming ER),
  • Visited one RV service center (Reno) and were visited by 3 RV mobile technicians (for a price),
  • And saw tons of cool sights and had many, many awesome experiences.

We’ve had some difficult times, mostly concerning issues with the RV, but the good times by far outweigh the bad. We’ve learned how to drive in the mountains (a non-trivial lesson for someone who has lived at 14′ elevation for almost 40 years), how to plan a route that includes an easy truck stop to fill up the gas tank, how to find good places to stay, and how to take a walk 4000-7000 feet higher than we’re used to (answer: slowly). We’ve learned to appreciate the benefits of humidity and have suffered from the lack of it. We’re learning that there are interesting things to do and people to meet in even the most rural spots. Most importantly, we’re learning how two people can live in very tight quarters without driving each other batshit crazy (answer: respectfully).

So, a traveling season behind us and another ahead. All we know about next year’s journey is that we have a wedding to attend in Montana in May and Florida friends to rendezvous with in June/July. Other than that: we’ll see. If you stay tuned, you will, too.

Now, a sample of sights we’ve seen from inside the RV in no particular order:

We love Corps of Engineers campgrounds

Green! Much green!

Snow! Much Snow!

We’ve even seen outhouses! Hopefully this one is not functional.




Sleeping horses!