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Moving on from Williams, we headed down to Prescott, AZ. Patti has an old friend who lives there now so we swung by for a visit and we’re glad we did. She was not only able to catch up with her friend, but we were able to enjoy this little piece of the historic west while staying in a great RV park amidst boulders and hiking trails. We enjoyed some excellent meals downtown, including one at a vintage, old-school saloon that had the best Caesar salad ever. A field trip to the old mining town of Jerome was very interesting. The town was certainly more vertical than horizontal!

(As an aside, my plan was to finish up our 2019 travels before we left our winter stay near San Diego for the 2020 season. Alas, this was not to be due to pesky life issues getting in the way. The hope now is to spit out several posts quickly in order to catch up. We’ll see.)

View of Wilson Lake. My morning walk straight out of our campground. 10/25/19

Wilson Lake. 10/25/19

Wilson Lake. 10/26/19

Wilson Lake. 10/26/19

The approach to Jerome, AZ 10/28/19

Jerome, AZ 10/28/19

The view from Jerome. 10/28/19