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Since I’m so far behind on last season’s posts, and since we’re already doing interesting things this year, I figure I’ll intermix last year’s and this year’s posts. Having said that, here’s our first post of our RV travels this year.

Our first stop of interest this year was in Kentucky. Can you say “Bourbon”? “Horses”? ‘Cause we saw plenty of both. I was in heaven having finally made it to the Makers Mark distillery where we saw their beautiful campus, toured their distilling facilities, and sampled several of their products. One advantage of Patti not enjoying bourbon is that I was forced to drink her samples as well as mine. It was a rough job, but I struggled through. Of course I bought a bottle and had the opportunity to hand dip the iconic red wax across its neck. We also snagged a couple of t-shirts. A good time was had by all.

We also toured a small local distillery called Three Boys. It was initially named after the three triplet boys of the original owners, but the place has passed on to new owners that kept the name. It’s located on a small farm and they only sell direct from there as they don’t have enough volume to distribute. After sampling five different bourbons, each with their own proportions of ingredients, direct from the casks, I filled my own bottle and left a happy man once again.

We also had a couple of “horsey” days. We spent a day at the races at the famous Churchill Downs a week after the Kentucky Derby. It was nice to see the venue as well as watch the horses run (and women in silly hats). Patti won her bet, which I promptly lost in the next race. And that was that. We also went to the Kentucky Horse Park where we had the chance to see many different breeds of horses, from miniatures to the really big draft horses. It was very interesting and Patti was in heaven. Another good day well spent.

As always, here’s some pictures, including some of our walk with the Giants…pretty cool. Now we’re off to drop a bunch of money on both the truck and RV.

One of the Forest Giants (Little Elina) in the Bernheim Arboretum. Clermont, KY 5/10/22
One of the Forest Giants (Little Nis) in the Bernheim Arboretum. Clermont, KY 5/10/22
One of the Forest Giants (Mama Loumari) in the Bernheim Arboretum. Clermont, KY 5/10/22
A day at the races. Churchill Downs, Louisville, KY 5/13/22
What a face. Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY 5/18/22

Last summer we took a break from our permanent vacation to go to Orcas Island in Washington for a week with friends and family. It was my first time in this part of the world and I loved it. The week was filled with fun…hanging on the porch watching the light on the water and islands, visiting with one of Patti’s friends from back in the day who happened to live within walking distance of our rental, eating well, walking, and going to view whales. Spoiler alert: we didn’t see any and I still believe they are mythical creatures. We must be the only people in the world to have spent time in not one but two prime whale watching areas (French Polynesia and the Pacific Northwest) and never saw so much as a fluke. Maybe next time.

So, here’s a handful from that trip. It was awfully nice.