Yes, jackets have been required almost every day. Patches of snow have been seen on the tops of mountains.

No kilts have been purchased. Sorry to disappoint. The good ones are budget-busters and the cheap touristy ones are … cheap.

A good kilt needs 8 yards of fabric to make.

We are indeed developing a taste for the local drink. We even have a favorite. Too bad it’s so freakin’ expensive.

Whisky Tutorial, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2010

This country is absolutely gorgeous. And the people are very friendly.

John has become quite adept at driving on the left (note I did not say wrong) side of the road. There have only been a couple of close calls. Also, the roads here are much better than in Ireland. And we have to stop for sheep in the road. Lots of sheep. And a couple of cows. And one bull.

Niest Point, Scotland, 2010

This is apparently a favorite place for cyclists. They have been everywhere. I think they’re nuts. These are some serious hills.