Goulding’s Lodge, Monument Valley, UT, 7/25/12

Next up we drove from Moab to Page, AZ, via Monument Valley. Monument Valley was exactly what we expected with buttes and mesas popping up all over the place. We kept expecting to see scenes out of a John Ford western with covered wagons or tasseled indians or, above all else, John Wayne riding tall in the saddle. They loves them some John Wayne out there in that part of the world.

Lunchtime view, Goulding’s Lodge, Monument Valley, UT, 7/25/12

That morning, before leaving Moab, we had bought a couple of sandwiches to throw into the cooler, being sure to apply the lessons learned from the previous evening’s picnic (ie: sandwiches & water don’t mix too well). We got to Goulding’s Lodge where, according to Patti’s research, The Duke and John Ford used to hang their spurs while filming in the area. We enjoyed our sandwiches in a nice shady spot overlooking the beautiful valley and had what turned out to be my favorite lunch of the trip. Beautiful breeze, beautiful view. I’d throw in beautiful company, but Patti would probably dope slap me for getting mushy.

From there to the Lake Powell Resort where we splurged for a night and lived the high life. Had a nice dinner with a lovely view of the houseboats on the lake. Next morning we were up early so we could check out and take a tour boat for a 2.5 hour jaunt around the lake and up a couple of slot canyons. Another time expenditure that was totally worth it. We saw the Glen Canyon Dam, then headed up Antelope Canyon for some gorgeous scenery. As we cruised by the refueling dock at the new marina we heard a big “whump!” that didn’t sound good. A boat had blown up! Of course I took photos. It burned to the waterline and eventually sank (after being towed away from the dock).

Up Navajo Canyon for more beauty, then back to the resort, the rental car, and the road to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Our 6 nights in National Park lodges was about to begin. We hadn’t seen anything yet.

Gooseneck SP, Monument Valley, UT, 7/25/12

Monument Valley, UT, 7/25/12

View From Lake Powell Resort, Page, AZ, 7/25/12

Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, AZ, 7/26/12

A Bad Day, Lake Powell, AZ, 7/26/12

Navajo Canyon, Lake Powell, AZ, 7/26/12