The North Rim Lodge, GCNP, 7/26/12

After our (eventful) boat ride on Lake Powell, we hopped in the car and headed towards the north rim of the Grand Canyon for two nights in the lodge. It was my first visit to the canyon; Patti had been to the south rim briefly many years earlier. I was pretty excited. I’d been looking forward to seeing this for many years and I knew that there were going to be lots of opportunities for some excellent photos. I was not disappointed!

Our North Rim Cabin, GCNP, 7/26/12

After driving down one hell of a mountain, we went through Lee’s Ferry which consisted pretty much of a couple of bridges, a visitor’s center, and extremely high temperatures. Once we started climbing the plateau to the park, the temperature moderated quite a bit. The drive into the park was simply gorgeous, a nice winding road through forest and meadow. Sweet. I have since confirmed that along much of this road you can pull off onto one of the many unpaved roads and simply find a nice isolated spot to camp. That is on the list for next time!

The North Rim Lodge Veranda, GCNP, 7/26/12

The lodge itself is everything I expected it to be: rustic, comfortable and set among world-class views. From the porch of our cabin you could see the canyon, from the veranda of the lodge were tremendous views. We never had a problem grabbing a chair, enjoying an adult beverage, soaking in the sights and listening to people from all over the world. It rocked. I want to go back. Now.

Next time I’ll talk about what we did while we were there. It’s time to look at some pictures.

The Sitting Room in the North Rim Lodge, GCNP, 7/27/12

An Odd Sign at Lee’s Ferry, Az, 7/26/12

Angel’s Window, GCNP, 7/27/12

View From Angel’s Window, GCNP, 7/27/12

Cape Final, GCNP, 7/27/12

View From Point Imperial, GCNP, 7/27/12