We spent the morning doing some slow wander. Although we both slept hard we were still moving a bit slow from the previous days’ travels and we knew that, once the tour started, we’d be going fairly hard, so we simply strolled to a couple of sites, specifically St. Maria de Angeli church (built on the Roman Baths of Diocletian) and the Capuchin Crypt (where the brothers did some strange things with bones).

The tour began this afternoon with a group meeting. We’ll be spending the next week with some interesting folks. We then rode the metro, walked to the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and the Piazza Navona, and then had an excellent dinner. Wine was served. A bus ride to the hotel and we’re ready to collapse.

Tomorrow it’s off to the Vatican. If we see Francis I’ll try to get a picture.

Here’s some more shots in no particular order.