We haven't even left yet and we want to come back to Moorea. We've toured the island in a 4X4, snorkled in the lagoon (my first time in the Pacific!), lay about the pool, shopped and had a wonderful meal with some friends of friends that are now our friends too. I'm going to cut this short since we're off to see a traditional Polynesian dance followed by a rock concert, both about 150' from our bungalow. Tomorrow it's off to Raiatea to meet up with our shipmates. For now I'll let the photos do the talking.

Dinner at the Moorea Beach Cafe, 9/25/14

Opunohu Bay, Moorea, 9/26/14

Opunohu Bay on the left, Cook's Bay on the right, from the Belvedere Lookout, Moorea, 9/26/14

Moorea, 9/27/14

Interior of Moorea, 9/26/14