Yesterday was a rainy day in Luzern so we headed off to the Transport Museum. We had heard that it was worth it and we had heard correctly. Lots of old trains (who knew the Swiss were pioneers in developing the technology to convert electricity to mechanical energy? Besides the Swiss, I mean.), old (and new) cars, and old (and new) planes. They even have some space related stuff there. All-in-all it was an interesting way to spend a dreary day.

Later we had our first meeting and meal with our tour group. Since this is the inaugural “Best of Switzerland” tour there will be…wrinkles, which just serves to keep us on our toes. Yesterday there was an issue with the original meeting room they booked for our orientation, so we met on one of the many tour boats for a “Cruise To Nowhere.” We never left the dock. After a short walk to see the Lion (see below), we had a nice dinner in a small restaurant and then called it a day.

Enjoy the photos!

Transport Museum, Luzern, Switzerland, 5/23/16

Remind anyone (ahem…Karen) of The Amazing Race?

Transport Museum, Luzern, Switzerland, 5/23/16

This one's for Brady!

Transport Museum, Luzern, Switzerland, 5/23/16


Some of their inclines are so steep they utilized custom cars. We could have used this the other day going up and down Mt. Rigi.

Transport Luzern, Switzerland, 5/23/16


The famous Lion of Luzern.

Luzern, Switzerland, 5/22/16

The day before we saw lots of folks sailing. Looked like a lot of fun. Nice backdrop, too.