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At work the other day I was offered an opportunity to get launch passes for the upcoming SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch. This was a big deal, since it was the first launch of this new vehicle. It’s also probably the last chance for Patti to come onto the base and get up close & personal with a launch viewing, since I’m now within a 12 month window to retirement. So we went for it.

We saw the launch today. It was pretty cool. We were among the closest civilians to the pad. Needless to say we were blown away. Also needless to say, I got some good shots. Enjoy.


Lots of photographers were there. KSC, FL. 2/6/18


Launch. KSC, FL. 2/6/18


Liftoff, KSC, FL. 2/6/18


Ascent, KSC, FL. 2/6/18


Ascent, KSC, FL. 2/6/18


Two of the three boosters descending. KSC, FL. 2/6/18


The Orbiter Endeavour left KSC for the last time this morning on its way to L.A.. I got some shots from the causeway between KSC & the Air Force Station, and some from my office window.

Yet another ending in the growing list.

Endeavour Departure, KSC, 9/19/12

Endeavour Departure, KSC, 9/19/12

Endeavour Departure (from my office window), KSC, 9/19/12

Endeavour Departure (from my office window), KSC, 9/19/12