Lake Powell Resort, Page, AZ, 7/25/12

Well, we haven’t been posting during the recovery from my “heart event”, but I’m doing fine, feel great and I’m getting stronger by the day. In fact, we’re currently in the midst of a major road trip through the Southwest: Salt Lake City (for a family event), Moab, Page, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce and Torrey, Utah. As I type, we just finished a day of driving through Monument Valley and we’re enjoying a cocktail in the bar of the Lake Powell Resort overlooking the Lake. Here are a few shots just to show that we’re alive and enjoying life!

Canyonlands NP, 7/23/12

Arches National Park, 7/24/12

Canyonlands NP, 7/24/12

Dead Horse Point SP, 7/24/12

Fishers Tower, Off Rt128 outside Moab, UT, 7/24/12

Goose Neck SP, 7/25/12