North Rim Lodge, GCNP, 7/27/12

As I type this we’re in our cabin at the Zion Lodge. Who knew they’d have WiFi? We certainly didn’t. Since our last posting we’ve driven through Monument Valley, realized that using 18 year old maps is probably not the best thing to do, spent two nights at the North Rim Lodge, much of it on the Veranda, and driven to Zion. Most of the time we’ve been saying the equivalent of “Holy Crap!”. The sights are just unbelievable and we’ve been taking pictures like crazy. Here are just a few to tide y’all over…we’ll be posting details when we get home (and LOTS more photos).

North Rim, GCNP, 7/26/12

Angels Window, GCNP, 7/27/12

Zion Valley, Zion NP, 7/28/12