Pulling out. 8/15/20

While staying here in Garibaldi, we have grown accustomed to hearing the train whistle of the local tourist line as it announces its departure from and, 90 minutes later, its return to the station just a short walk from the RV. The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad runs three times a day on weekdays, four on the weekend. The weekend runs are pulled by a vintage steam engine which certainly looks and sounds the part of an old timey train. It only goes about 5 miles up the coast to Rockaway Beach and then comes back to Garibaldi after a 30 minute “layover.” One beautiful morning we took the first run. Sandwiched between Tillamook Bay and Rt 101, we enjoyed the scenery along the coast. We strongly recommend.

Plus, it has been like having a local clock tower announcing the time. We know when it’s noon.

PS: This was the first real “touristy” thing we’ve done in these troubled times. It was a nice return to close to normal, albeit with face masks and social distancing. We’ll take what we can get.

Heading up the tracks. 7/19/20

Passing some clammers. 8/23/20

Blowing the whistle. 8/11/20

Driving the train 8/11/20

Sometimes we were pretty close to the road. 8/11/20

The restored passenger car. 8/11/20

“The Three Graces” near Garibaldi, OR 8/11/20

The view of the Boathouse Pier from the train. Garibaldi, OR 8/11/20