I’m way behind in posting, mostly because we just moved almost 1300 miles in 12 days. That may not seem like much, but for us it’s moving fast! More on that journey in a later post. This post will wrap up our stay in Garibaldi and coastal Oregon as well as the most comfortable summer weather-wise that I’ve ever had. Most days had us wearing long pants and shirts at least some of the time and the space heater ran every morning to take the chill off. Having lived in Florida most of my adult life, this was simply heaven.

So here is a major photo drop. The first group were all taken within walking distance of the RV. I really enjoyed my daily walks through town and was always ready to grab my camera to shoot something new. The balance of the shots are from some of the many field trips we took in the area, but we only scratched the surface. It really is a beautiful area of the country. I got used to it. We’ll be back.

The old boathouse and new Coast Guard Station in low cloud conditions. Not an unusual event. Garibaldi, OR 7/27/20

Low clouds. Garibaldi, OR 7/27/20

A fuzzy moon over Tillamook Bay. Garibaldi, OR 8/22/20

Sunset. 8/3/20

The Port of Garibaldi. This is a working port with lots of fishing activity most days. All evenings the sidewalks are rolled up. Garibaldi, OR 8/4/20

People clamming at low tide. Often there would be many dozens, entire families, out there. At high tide the pier would be full of people trapping crabs. Good eating. Garibaldi, OR 8/5/20

The helicopter pad for the Coast Guard Station was directly in front of the RV. Note the crewman lying on the floor in the door letting the pilot know where the ground is. Garibaldi, OR 8/5/20

The view from Oswald West SP. That’s Nehalem Bay on the left. 7/28/20

OR 101 hugs the coast. 7/28/20

Munson Creek Falls, Tillamook, OR 8/4/20

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, OR 8/10/20

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, OR 8/10/20

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, OR 8/10/20